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February 26, 2014, HCMC, Vietnam

Our Film - " The Tale of An Phuc  House "  was a guest on the top English talk show in Vietnam produced by VTV4 - " TALK VIETNAM "

Here is the link  to the show: 

October 27th ,2013, Ha Long Bay , Vietnam

"THE TALE OF AN PHUC HOUSE" (Câu chuyện về ngôi nhà An Phúc) has been awarded with Jury Prize at the 18th Vietnam Film Festival in Ha Long.




August  27th ,2013, Montreal


August  27th ,2013, Montreal



our Award winning Documentary is in Official Selection in Montreal World Film Festival,  which taking place from August 22 till September 2, 2013


Tuesday August 27, 2013 - 12:00 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11
Wednesday August 28, 2013 - 09:30 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11
Friday August 30, 2013 - 02:50 PM - CINÉMA QUARTIER LATIN 11

 July 25,2013, Saigon

This is an email from a Documentary Director, who was in Vietnam during the War .

"Ivan,  Dick Hughes sent me a DVD that I looked at yesterday.The film is just wonderful.  Congratulations again.  Vietnam is part of my soul after having been there for so many years during the war.  In those bad old days I was doing news and documentaries for NBC and then ABC.  In '83, I finally had a chance to work on something much more meaningful for PBS, (a 13-part series, Vietnam: A Television History) and now in a few years, Florentine Films will have yet another history series about the war done by Kim Novick and Ken Burns.

But An Phuc House is remarkable. I was in tears for a lot of it. In a good way."

Very best, Andrew Pearson

 July 23,2013, Saigon

 A new article by Derek Milroy in English Magazine in Vietnam.

                                        "The Magic of The Movies"

July 8, 2013 ,Montreal


Here is the list of some of the people, who donated money for An Phuc on our exclusive screening of the film.  the TOTAL amount raised is $ 620.

I couldn't talk to everyone, so please let me know what you think about the film.

Thank you it was great!

July 8, 2013 , from Vietnam


My fiance send me this VERY IMPORTANT email today + photo of Duyen (dioxin girl) and her new baby daughter which is fine so far.

I took Binh ( the bone cancer boy) to hospital. after checking doctor said it is not a tumor it is a throne in the bone. but to make sure  radiologist took the film of the bone and the doctor said its not a cancer. he explained that if it s a bone cancer, the tumor wil break inside, it s not covering like this spot and this spot appeared more than one year, if it is cancer, it wil develop fast it s not small like that, and he concluded its a normal spot. just come and check after three months.

 I went to visit them this afternoon, i bought good food and fruits for them. they look thin and today i discovered one thing , it s not the same as before. Today Binh told me his salary is only 1,100 000 plus with extra salary he works at night as accountant in An Phuc 500,000. the total he gets every month 1,700 000. and  the rest of the people get between 1,100 000 to 1,500 000/ month. How can they survive with 1,100 000 one month? it s only 50 usd Ivan. 

they moved to horrible house . it s smaller then the old one , it s dark, dirty, terrible smelling because no windows. that s why it makes everyone become pale there. i will attach some pics here for u.

July 6, 2013 , from Vietnam



My Assistant , Miss Titin just send me this email:

Hi, I passed by An Phuc at 7.30 pm this evening. There r bad news and good news and in between good and bad news! 

1. Binh- Husband of Duyen, the guy we always know of his actions and devotions for his family, is not feeling well. He showed me A- look-like tumor on his right shoulder bone. It looks like a swollen injury bitten by a kind of insect. But Binh said the same thing happened to his leg years ago and he had to have the leg cut! So he doubts it is a new tumor! He never went to the hospital to check as now he needs money for his daughter and his wife. So what he is taking is herbs, the Chinese herbs here are popular and he drinks that herbs often. 

2. Mr. Quang has been in Ha Noi for more than a month as I never see him in An Phuc house recently. But I guess he has contacts with The people at An Phuc.

3. Dandi- the Khmer guy- has left An Phuc to switch to another center for disabled people. The center is in Outskirts of Ho Chi Minh city. I dont know the name of the center, I will talk to Dandi tomorrow on the phone. I guess Dandi is happy with his choice of the new center.

4. Nga- the married woman whose husband is Phong, the mute and deaf guy, have gone to Hai Duong province in the north to prepare for the arrival of the baby. The estimated date is Aug 23th. 

5. When I asked Chien- the little guy who rides bicycle, about the selling recently, he said this is not a busy season for tourism, and those tourists who come to ghe museum are not interested in their products. The sale recently is not growing. 

6. Thang- has finished his study, he is now waiting for the result of the graduation exam which is in middle of July.
I would never know these updates if I hadn't come to their house.

I have told people about the honorable prize the film was given. Duyen- the young mom asked me ab your whereabouts, I told her u r in Canada right now and keep fundraising for An Phuc. Thang is very concerned of all your posts in fb and he had me translate your posts.

I am writing to update You ab the people in An Phuc, as far as I am concerned.

They miss You already!

I hope things will be brighter later!

Will keep you posted.

June 30th, 2013, from New York,

A Dear friend of mine , whom I've met in New York  - A REAL AMERICAN HERO , who saved  over 2500 street children in Saigon during the Vietnam War, just send me this email:

Listen Ivan,

   When I need rest, I watch the "An Phuc" trailer.  It still makes me laugh & cry and heals the wounds. Yes!

   And also Jahmane doing a terrific job w/ Etta James "At Last". Makes me cry too. Boo hoo hoo. - Eyebrow

   Watch Jahmene Douglas & try not to weep [skip the ad]:

Richard Hughes


June 30th, 2013, Montreal

Well , here is something about the film (and me) in Bulgarian Newspaper from Toronto, Canada! It isn't written in a perfect Bulgarian, but it's worth to read it, and I do appreciated ! Thank you "Bulgarian Horizons"

Е, ето и тук нещо за филма (и за мен) в български вестник от Торонто, Канада! ...не е написано в перфектен български, но си струва да я прочетете, и аз я оценявам! Благодаря ви "Български хоризонти"

June 22d, 2013, Vietnam

A very sincere thanks to Ivan Tankushev on behalf of all of the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange. Congratulations, Ivan! This is such an important achievement for all of us and will raise awareness of the ongoing plight of our victims to a new level. This momentum is huge and MUST grow and continue. We are now well into the 4th generation of death, dying and ongoing birth defects as a result of the US Government, and the manufacturers of Agent Orange - especially Monsanto and Dow. These same companies, who reaped billions in US dollars as a result of manufacturing and selling this poison knew damn well that it would kill people and destroy the environment. These same companies took said profits and developed GM and GMO products - and they continue to tell the public, including the Vietnamese that genetically modified seeds and organisms are safe and will solve the hunger problems-amongst other things. WE cannot, must not, allow them to continue - they, in complicity with the US Government are placing the sovereignty of food in extreme jeopardy. Let us not forget what Kissinger once said "Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people."

Thanks again, Ivan - this is a huge accomplishment, and we all thank you!


Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Hoa Binh Chapter, Veterans For Peace

June 21st , 2013, New York

Hi Ivan

I'm so happy your film WON is very well deserve indeed !!

Here are the list of all distributors I also want to send your film to PBS to be shown in TV Public Station

Looking forward to see you soon and have now a a good filmmakers relationship your films will be always welcome to our film festival

Wishing you all the best success in your endeavor!

Roberto Rizzo


A huge win for the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange!

Thanks, Ivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  On behalf of all of our victims!

Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Hoa Binh Chapter, Veterans For Peace

Thanks so much, Ivan.  I am telling the world of your great honor - and what you have done for the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange. 

Wished I could have been in NYC with ya and to congratulate you in person.

Keep up the great work - yes, please call me when you get back.  Hell, lets get together - we are only an hour away from each other - the victims, and of course DAVA, would love to meet you and thank you in person.

Stay safe - and again, thank you and congratulations.

Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Hoa Binh Chapter, Veterans For Peace


Once again, congratulations, man!  This is huge - winners all the way around.  We need to have it aired far and wide.

In Hanoi at  the moment, but live in Da Nang.  Dick told me you live in SGN.  Let's get together when we both can and figure out (if you haven't yet) distribution in VN.

Keep up the AWESOME work!

Have a great weekend.

Stay safe.

Chuck Palazzo
Agent Orange Action Group
Hoa Binh Chapter, Veterans For Peace

    ...and the Awards for the Best Feature Documentary goes to:


June 18th, 2013, New York

The Premiere of " The Tale of An Phuc House" last nigh was attended by small but very favorable and overwhelming crowd...A lots of tears and emotions and some very special connections....

Tom Hanks was on Broadway (Broadhurst Theater) surrounded by big crowd attending the premiere of " Lucky Guy"...I have manege to take some picture from the distance..

The biggest newspaper in Vietnam - "Tuoi Tre" will collaborate with the Director of the film and provide a public non-profit Bank account to raise funds for An Phuc members. The amount and  of the donations will be announced publicly in the newspaper and distribution of the funds will be personally supervised by Ivan Tankushev. This is today add in "Tuoi Tre" newspaper for the "The Tale of An Phuc House".

From " Tuoi Tre" newspaper in English page:

“The Tale of An Phuc House”, a moving documentary, featuring everyday life of Vietnamese Agent Orange victims, has been recently nominated for the Best Documentary Feature Film at the New York City International Film Festival (NYCIFF), set to run in New York (USA), from June 13 to June 20.

The film is a Co- Production between Canada’s Babel Entertainment and Vietnamese’s Crea TV and will compete with four other documentaries for the prize.

Directed, scripted and shot by Canadian Director Ivan Tankushev, the 91-minutes documentary touching deeply the daily life and struggle of twenty strong-willed young adults, who are third-generation Agent Orange victims living in An Phuc Center for People with Disabilities based in Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Tankushev said that he decided to make the film, which took nearly two years to shoot and edit, shortly after he met the An Phuc members in the War Remnants Museum in HCMC and learning about the moving life stories of physically and mentally-challenged young people at the center. During the shooting the Director went to a great challenge to visit the children’s’ families at their home towns, talked with the parents and with the help of VAVA organisations to investigate the official procedure for Agent Orange victims to be recognised and certified in Vietnam.

“The Tale of An Phuc House” will be screened in Tribeca Theaters in New York City on June 17th, 2013.

The NYCIFF was founded with intention to discover new and talented filmmakers and to promote the best films from the U.S. and around the world.

Using the model on the Cannes Film Festival where filmmakers, producers and actors can have a showcase and share their new films, initiate new co-productions and have a mechanism to sell their products, NYCIFF become one of the most important Film event, which is taking place annually for the fourth time in one of the most vital cities in USA.

Thứ Hai, 3/6/2013, 11:19

Phim tài liệu về nạn nhân da cam VN tranh giải tại NewYork

03/06/2013 02:14 (GMT + 7)
TT - Ban tổ chức Liên hoan phim quốc tế New York (NYCIFF, diễn ra từ ngày 13 đến 20-6 tại New York, Mỹ) vừa công bố danh sách năm phim được đề cử giải phim tài liệu, trong đó có một phim tài liệu về nạn nhân da cam VN do Công ty Babel Entertainment (Canada) và Crea TV (VN) hợp tác sản xuất.

Poster phim The tale of An Phuc house

Đó là phim The tale of An Phuc house (Câu chuyện của ngôi nhà An Phúc) của đạo diễn kiêm biên kịch và quay phim Ivan Tankushev (người Canada, có vợ là người VN).
Bộ phim tài liệu dài 91 phút nói về cuộc sống đời thường, học tập và nghị lực vươn lên đáng nể của gần 20 nhân vật là nạn nhân da cam thế hệ thứ ba ở Trung tâm khuyết tật An Phúc (TP.HCM).
Đạo diễn Ivan Tankushev cho biết ông quyết định làm bộ phim này hoàn toàn tình cờ khi nhìn thấy và biết được những câu chuyện hay ở các bạn khuyết tật, rồi tìm đến rất nhiều tỉnh, thành nơi cha mẹ các bạn đang sinh sống. Ông quay bộ phim ròng rã hơn một năm trời (từ năm 2011 đến tháng 7-2012) và hợp tác với Crea TV làm hậu kỳ.
Theo lịch do NYCIFF công bố, phim tài liệu Câu chuyện của ngôi nhà An Phúc sẽ được chiếu vào ngày 17-6.

                                                                                         GREAT NEWS

"THE TALE OF AN PHUC HOUSE" is officially selected in Competition Program for  Documentary  Feature Film in New York City International Film Festival which will take place in NY from June 13 till June 20,2013.


The Festival also informed me that they will do a special promotion for the film in order to raised money for An Phuc House.

Thank you everyone who participated in our film.

Ivan Tankushev




Four members of An Phuc will have a weddings:

On APRIL 21st, 2013 the blind musician  and the Manager of An Phuc band - Lê Văn Ở will merit to a blind girl -  a new member of An Phuc House.

Vũ Thị Nga ( mentally and physically disabled girl) will make a new family with the deft-mute member of An Phuc - Nguyễn Thanh Phong.  



  1. Dear Ivan, Othello & Steve,
    Thank you. I received the New York winner An Phuc House film today in Australia. Yesterday I had two phone calls to show the film and will arrange viewing. Your team have opened doors for many agent orange victims around the world. Let us focus on the victims of An Phuc House and others who are in need of positive energy. I am so proud to be associated with positive honourable people and special thanks to US Vietnam veteran Chuck Palazzo for making me aware of this special humanitarian film.

    For the love of Humanity,
    Clarence Ormsby JP NSW
    Vietnam veteran & Welfare officer
    Agent Orange Entertainers
    19 Marmion street
    Mannering Park NSW 2259
    Mobile: 0447448636

  2. Gidday Australia and New Zealand

    I am willing to show you the New York winning film "An Phuc House" with an entertainment package as a fundraiser to help agent orange victims of An Phuc House and the many others in need. You may contact me in Australia contact details above.
    ANZAC Entertainers Helping Agent Orange Victims of An Phuc House;......

    An Agent Orange concert will be held at St Mary's RSL Club, Western Sydney - Sunday 21st July 2013, 2pm - 6pm.

    Agent Orange Exhibition will be held at Gosford Regional Gallery, 9th - 14th August 2013..10am - 3pm.





  5. Dear Chathia,

    Soon we will have the film ready for digital download on Vimeo, then I will let you know. I wish you great spirit and good health.

    Kind regards