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Friday, September 6, 2013


                                                    Award for the "BEST  FEATURE  DOCUMENTARY  FILM" - NYCIFF 2013

                                     "JURY PRIZE  FOR  DOCUMENTARY  FILM" - XVIII Vietnam Film Festival in Ha Long 2013


"The Tale of An Phuc House" is a powerful glimpse into the everyday lives of twenty disabled children - third generation victims of the Agent Orange warfare that occurred during the Vietnam War ( 1963-1973). An inspirational video tale about pride, dignity and love;  a story of a man who dedicate his live for the well-being of his adapted family;  a story of twenty exceptional young adults, whose disabilities brought them together under one roof; a story about an ordinary people living an extraordinary life in spite of their misfortunate physical conditions.



The Director

Ivan Tankushev is an Animation Director, Traditional Animator, Storyboard artist, Designer and Layout Artist for over 30 years.  He graduated Master Degree in Animation and an Art college: specialized in jewellery and applied art from Europe. He has many years of experience in Animation commercial advertisement and TV productions in Canada. In the past 16 years Ivan has been appointed as an Overseas Animation Director in Asia for Canada, USA and France and he has extensive knowledge of the Animation Production in almost any Asian countries where those Productions are outsourced. He has great leadership experience, in charge of leading artistic crews in Korea, China, Japan and Vietnam , solely  handling pressure and effectively carrying out the tight schedules of those outsource Animation Production.
His most recognizable work in Animation is the PBS Animated TV series   “Arthur”, (PBS) and his contribution to the show has been awarded three times with Daytime EMMY Awards. He has been in charge of one of the most popular Animated show on TV - " Family Guy" (Fox) - Season II.  He also worked with France in collaboration of Studio Ellipse and Canal Plus  in three different shows,  one of which was a Feature Animated Film and 26 Episodes TV animated series- "Corto Maltese". He also worked in collaboration with Canadian based Studios “CINAR” (Cookie Jar), “Fun Bag", "Cactus" to name a few. Back in the 90’s he contributed as an animator, storyboard artist and designer in over 40 TV commercials for Michael Mills in Canada. He had been lecture in Beijing University of Film and also been a Pre-Selection Jury for SICAF International Festival in Seoul, Korea.

Ivan also worked as an Animation Consultant helping with the storytelling and Animation on Internationally Awarded short animated film by Theodore Ushev - "Lipsett Diaries " 
During his extended experience in North America, Asia and Europe, Ivan have been working with Mark Brown, Lesley Taylor, Greg Bailey, Peter Shin, Pete Michaels, Nelson Shin, Rick Morrison, Steven Ching, Jerry Popowich, Pascal Morelli just to name a few.

In the 80’s Ivan graduated the first class ever in Bulgaria in Master Degree in Animation from Academy of Film and Drama under the supervision of Professor Todor Dinov.  As an independent Director in National Animation Studio in Sofia, Bulgaria he has done over ten Independent short animated films. Ivan's first Animated film: "Bustle" (Суматоха)- 1987 participate and was awarded in many International Animation Festivals. 
Ivan is passionate about photography and he use his business travels around the globe, taking snap shots of different people and cultures.

 “The Tale of An Phuc House” is Ivan’s first feature Documentary Film as Director and Producer.

For more information on Ivan's works, please visit:

Othello Khanh/Co-Producer

Starting his career in France in the early 80s, Othello Khanh became one of France's youngest and most successful TV and commercial directors. Following his desire to become more involved in 'meaningful' films, in 1993 he moved to Southern California and then Mexico where he independently produced and directed "Ballads without a Face," an award-winning film documentary about the Zapatista uprising in Southern Mexico.

In 1995, Othello returned to his roots in Vietnam where he is the co-founder and the industry-acclaimed creative force behind Créa TV, which has become Vietnam's leading company setting international standards for its commercial and documentary production. Over the last year, Othello has brought together a group of his top-level corporate, finance and entertainment industry contacts in Vietnam and abroad to create his next venture: a company destined to become the driving force in Vietnam's burgeoning feature film industry.

Othello's first love is directing, and his primary dedication is to the art of storytelling and the craft of filmmaking. Saigon Eclipse is a true labor of love for Othello who created the screen play and whose leadership ability and driving creative force has assembled a top team of local and international creative talent that helped him bring his vision through to opening night.

In early 2012 , Othello decided to get involved and helped Ivan to complete “ The Tale of An Phuc House”. Under his creativity and supervision, the technical and Production team at Crea-TV helped during Editing, Audio and Licensing stages of the film.





Our Team

Filmed and Directed by
Ivan Tankushev

Story and Produced by
Ivan Tankushev
Othello Khanh

Executive Producers
Chan Tran
Othello Khanh

Ivan Tankushev
Video Edit by
Mateu Perpinya

Music performed by
Lê Văn Ở
& An Phuc’s members

Sound Mixing by
Thien Quoc 

Vision mixing and effects by

Trang Lam
to the Director
Tran Thuy Tien


Pham Hoang Lan

Pham Thuy

English Voice Talents

Anthony Cox

Melanie Peemans

Damian Spencer White

Thomas Maresca

Corina Mignot

Joe McCracken

Amelia Nguyen

Kiumars Vafai

Colin McDonald

Annabelle Audier

and Technical Support

Bùi Minh Cảnh

Nguyễn Văn Tiến

English Editor
Irene Trinh

Vietnamese transcription
Nguyễn Hồng Nhu
Lê Sinh Hiền
Nguyen Hoang Trieu

Assistant Editors
Le HoangTuan
Richard Sutanto
Sonny Candra

Production Assistant
Nguyễn Hoàng Triều


Mme Đặng Hồng Nhựt
( VP of HCMC Association for Victims of Agent Orange /Dioxin –VAVA )
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tam
(President of Binh Thuan Association for Victims of Agent OrangeVAVA)
Mr. Nguyen Van Thanh
(Secretary of Binh Thuan Association for Victims of Agent OrangeVAVA)

On Thị Hương
Lê Văn O’s mother

Lê Văn Dia
Lê Văn O’s father

Lê Văn Hai
Binh-Queo and Cong’s father

Hà Bút
Hiep’s father

Hoàng Thị Khiếu
Ngan’s mother

Phạm Thị Liên
Hiep’s mother

Nguyễn Thị Hà
Chien’s mother


  1. Award for the "BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY FILM" - NYCIFF 2013, best film ever, The storyline is the best one and delivers a great message too. Thank you!